Chaos Constructions

The first Russian demoparty ENLiGHT'95 took place 23 years ago

Hi! See you at 25-26 August 2018, Saint-Petersburg, Russia!

Uploads for contest




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Rare opportunity to have a look on the Russian scene! We know that there are plenty of parties and it's hard to have a release for CC, too, but we still have hope. Also, you can submit a remote entry (you will receive your prize at another party, if you can't have a representative at CC)!

Computer Exhibition

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As always, we have retrocomputers and DIYs, modern devices and various game consoles. This year we also are particularly interested in robotics, so please contact us, if you are in the field. In short - come and see for yourself...
Want to exhibit something? Write us!


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Here we talk about everything computer-related: information security, multimedia art, web development, writing music for ZX Spectrum and so much more.
If you want to share something, please write us.

Live Acts

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Live acts of all varieties of genres: 8bit musicians, DJs, rock bands, and even folk music to take a break and recharge your batteries in between the competitions and seminars.
Wanna have a gig on Chaos Constructions? Write us!